Review – Da Capo

I really like the art . Perhaps the type of style that I like it like this , but not too cutesy moe , not too old school but good . Especially the background is a painting also match the color and character to make the existence of clear and unlike the character in the paste on the screen .

Layout and image folders movement systems in a simple but still the same color as their environment is very, very cool in the eyes to make peace when we play them .

Hmm , let’s see . Map movements , multiple route, the alarm system . Unusual and are found in the other . But the good in Da capo all the elements that are very related to the story and make us feel go down with the story .

Is this time I want to wake up at 7 or so in the morning ? And what happens when early ya ? Things like that make players enjoy the gameplay , as well as the map of his movements .

Unfortunately Da Capo type branching plot , so at some point the story will focus on the Heroine alone and leave the other heroine ..

Nevertheless . A story and gameplay that adorn can lead us into the story ? Oh of course it will be interesting !

All the music seharmoni anyway , we can know that the same composer or ” oh this song is definitely da capo game ” The rhythm is relaxed and fit the scene so boosting the story in this game .

Music in this game will give you a feeling of cherry blossoms in the garden .

All the characters in Da capo has a unique individual and may represent a type / individual taste . Her character development was aligned with the state and not too fast or too slow so I can enjoy every time that I spend with the characters in Da capo .

For me the most memorable was Kotori . Do not want to spoil the experience for you in this game , those who have played the character just met Da capo ~

I really enjoy playing Da capo , if you like light romantic story and are satisfied with the experience in the story of Da capo ready to bind you with perfect harmony.

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